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 Super Snacks for Super Kids

Two active {super} moms, Dr. Sarah Fox & Julie Stephenson, have joined forces to create a beautiful guide to make snack time easier.

 No longer does snack duty need to be a major stress!  Whether you’re taking snacks to your child’s classroom, to the park for after a soccer game, or just feeding hungry kiddos at home, it can be a struggle to provide healthy snacks that kids will actually eat.  The goal of Super Snacks for Super Kids is to make it easier to provide healthy snacks for kids and give them the energy and nutrients they need to get through the day.

 Super Snacks for Super Kids will be packed with delicious & healthy recipes, beautiful photos & tons of information for super parents who, like the authors, struggle to provide wholesome variety at snack time. Most recipes have a full serving of fruits or vegetables, and have been kid and parent tested.

 Sarah, one of the authors, is a family doctor who is passionate about helping kids learn to love healthy foods.  She has used many of these recipes in her own household, and has adapted many more traditional recipes to pack a healthy punch.  In the book she shares strategies to get kids to try foods and to get rid of the mealtime struggles over food.  She also has a child with severe food allergies, and knows how difficult that can be for parents.  Special tips will be included throughout the book to explain and adapt for a variety of food allergies.

 Julie, the other author, is a former nutrition educator who has worked with families who struggle with food insecurity, picky eaters, or easy access to healthy foods.  Healthy foods DO NOT have to be more expensive, and this book is full of affordable recipes that your kids will love.

 Included in the book are tips for grocery shopping, buying and preparing produce that you might not be familiar with, and how to choose products like yogurt, cereal, and bread to keep them as healthy as possible.

 The authors have written and tested all of the recipes and tips, and we are in the process of taking the photos.  The book will be a hard cover, full color, beautiful book, including over 60 healthy snack recipes.

Profits of this book will go directly to wellness projects such as school gardens, farm to school connections, kids’ triathlon, family cooking classes and much more.¬†Click here to learn more.

Super Snacks for Super Kids will be designed and published by Little Creek Press, A Division of Kristin Mitchell Design, LLC in Mineral Point, WI. The book will be printed in the USA.

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