Super Kids = Super Snack Helpers

Super kids like to be part of any activity. Let them help in snack or meal preparation and help them develop an interest in food. It also teaches helping skills, counting skills and cooperation.
Consider these things as you begin to work with your super kid:
∙Be patient and give your super kid a chance to help with small food related jobs.
∙Show what you mean. “Watch me squeeze the lime in the bowl. Now you try it.”

Super kids can be super helpful! Let them try a few of these simple tasks:
∙Wash vegetables
∙Snap beans
∙Shape burgers or meatballs
∙Peel banana if top is cut off
∙Clear dishes from table
∙Get out silverware
∙Pour ingredients
∙Open packages
∙Pour juice from small pitcher
∙Spread peanut butter on bread with the back of a spoon
∙Knead bread dough
Check out UW Extension for more information.

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