Meet the Super Moms behind Super Snacks for Super Kids.

No longer does snack duty need to be a major stress!¬† Whether you’re taking snacks to your child’s classroom, to the park for after a soccer game, or just feeding hungry kiddos at home, it can be a struggle to provide healthy snacks that kids will actually eat. Meet the two active moms, who want to make it easier for people to provide healthy snacks for kids that give them the energy and nutrients they need to get through the day. macau They are calling their project¬†Super Snacks for Super Kids.¬†

 Sarah is a family doctor who is passionate about helping kids learn to love healthy foods.  She has used many of these recipes in her own household, and has adapted many more traditional recipes to pack a healthy punch.  In the book she will share strategies to get kids to try foods and to get rid of the mealtime struggles over food.  She also has a child with severe food allergies, and knows how difficult that can be for parents.  Special tips will be included throughout the book to explain and adapt for a variety of food allergies. Sarah and her husband Ryan have 3 super kids, Ella, Nolen & Lily.

¬†Julie is a former nutrition educator, with the¬†Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program, who has worked with families who struggle with food insecurity, picky eaters, or easy access to healthy foods.¬† Healthy foods DO NOT have to be more expensive, and in the book she shares affordable recipes that your kids will love.¬†Julie is also a talented photographer, and she will be taking all of the photos of kids and food for the book. The kids featured are local kids, photographed in our friends’ lovely kitchens, eating the recipes we prepared from the book. Yes, the kids really love these foods! Julie and her husband Trevor share their home with 2 super kids, Owen & Sophia.

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