Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you write this book?

We try to instill in our own children healthy eating habits and a healthy relationship with food. We know that most parents want the same things for their children, but often are too busy or are overwhelmed by conflicting messages about which foods are healthy. We wanted this book to be a resource for parents who are looking for healthy recipes that their kids will love. We also hope that “Super Snacks for Super Kids” will inspire families to spend time together preparing food. Kids love to help in the kitchen, and they are more likely to try new foods if they’ve helped in the preparation.

How was this project funded?

We were very fortunate to have the cost of printing and publishing “Super Snacks for Super Kids” funded by donations through a kickstarter proposal. We could not have offered such a beautiful book without our generous donors!

Where will the proceeds go?

This project was started with the goal of raising money for the Mineral Point School District. 100% of the profits from the sale of the book will go directly to the Mineral Point School District Wellness Committee to fund projects like a school garden, farm to school connections, and family cooking classes.

Where can I buy the book?

The book is available for order on our website, and is also available locally in the Mineral Point, WI, area.

Why isn’t the book on Amazon or in large bookstores?

Amazon and other large retailers buy books from authors at a significant discount, usually around 40% of list price. We have opted to only sell our first edition locally in order to provide as much benefit to our school district as possible.

Where did you get the recipes?

Some of the recipes are our own creations, some are from our friends’ kitchens, and some are recipes from other sources that we’ve modified to be healthier or more kid friendly.

Who are the kids in the book?

All of the children who appear in photos in the book are students in the Mineral Point School district. The featured super kids in the back of the book are our own children, and the children of 2 of our kickstarter donors.

Could we use this book for fundraising?

YES! There are 2 ways to do this. One, see our fundraising page for selling the book. We can also talk to you about customizing the book to feature children from your district. Please contact us for more information.

How can I help spread the word about wellness in my school?

There are many ways to get involved in school wellness! Talk with school administrators about joining your school’s wellness committee (or starting a wellness committee). Bring up wellness at your school parents’ group. Talk with coaches and teachers about encouraging healthy snacks for your child’s team or classroom. Have lunch with your child at school, observe their recess time, and ask questions about their snacks at school. Talk with the wellness committee if you have any ideas for improvement.

If you would be interested in having Julie and Sarah come to your school or parents group to discuss our experiences, please contact us for availability.